Advanced JavaScript

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If you are like me you learnt Javascript by just muddling along, seeing what works and learning a thing or two everyday.

However without a grasp of the deeper fundamentals you will hit quite a few head scratch-y issues, introduce bugs, find it hard to read and understand framework and library code and won’t be considered a senior developer.

This unique course teaches you advanced javascript knowledge through a series of 20 interview questions.


This course currently covers the ES5 version of javascript, the only officially supported version in all browsers.

The Angular course has a whole section which levels you up to ES6 and even TypeScript, however having a good grasp of the ES5 version of JavaScript is essential to your development.

What are you going to learn?

  • Types & Equality: The different types in JS and how to check if two values are really equal?

  • Scopes: The different scopes a variable can be declared in and how to manipulate those scopes.

  • Object Orientation: How to perform OO in Javascript with both the Prototype Pattern and the Pseudo-Classical/Constructor Pattern.

  • Advanced topics in Networking such as CORS and JSONP.

  • Advanced topics in Event Handling such as the different event phases.

Why an interview format?

I find that it’s only when i’m facing an upcoming interview that I get into gear and really make sure I have a deep understanding of what I claim to know.

I might know the best practice for how to solve a problem, but do I know why?

Javascript interviews are designed to dig deeper into your knowledge of a subject, see if you are just mimicking what you have read or if you have a proper understanding.

Also it’s FUN, what’s more satisfying than learning something, then passing a test!



Shane Goodson

Advanced JavaScript

I'm a front-end developer who learned through on-the-job training so I sometimes feel like I'm missing some important theoretical knowledge, or sometimes I do things without really understanding why. This course has really delivered exactly what I needed. Asim's way of explaining is not only clear, but extremely concise and to the point, which is very much appreciated.


Marcus H

Advanced JavaScript

Very well organized and explained. I recommend this course to a javascript developer who has a bit of experience under his or her belt and wishes to understand the tricky parts of javascript. This course will definitely advance your knowledge of how javascript behaves on a low level away from the frameworks and libraries and closer to the engine.


Cheryl Rick

Advanced JavaScript

Great JavaScript interview questions and in-depth analysis of why the outcomes are the way they are. Very thorough explanation on closure, this. and JavaScript object and prototype, subjects I was looking for.



Advanced JavaScript

Focused on the topic currently discussing. Builds useful knowledge that need to know if your going to be coding with JavaScript. Speaks CLEAR ENGLISH that's easy to understand and follow, describes concepts and ideas fully so don't have to skip back to determine what he said but you should skip back and review concepts to make sure you have the knowledge before moving on. Uses previous discussed concepts and ideas when describing current topics. Thank you Asim! Awesome!