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This book is open source (https://github.com/codecraft-tv/angular-course) and maintained with the generous help of developers like you.

I would like to especially thank the people in the list below.

Shantanu Kulkarni — For updating all the code for all lectures to work with StackBlitz and Angular 6.

David A. Russo — For a huge update to fix lots of grammatical errors and typos on my part.

Tamilmozhi Gunasekar — For several updates to fix errors in the code examples and typos in the content.

alicexinyun — For some deep grammatical corrections and code updates.

Beno922 — For several commits to fix typos.

For a full list of the contributors please visit: https://github.com/codecraft-tv/angular-course/graphs/contributors

Caught a mistake or want to contribute to the book? Edit this page on GitHub!

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