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UPDATE: 8/16

  • Support for firebase v3 added

UPDATE: 6/16

  • Support for open source parse server.

  • Resources added in again to the Angular Review section.

  • Android Marshmallow Update

  • Various other changes including updates to the Windows setup instructions


  • Updates and fixes to the TV Chat App, Mealtracker App & TED RSS Reader App.

  • Workaround for the iOS9 Breaking Changes

  • New Lectures on Chrome Developer Tools and IDE

Gartner predict that by 2016 50% of all mobile applications will be hybrid apps built using technology like Ionic.

Ionic is a powerful HTML5 SDK that helps you build native-feeling iOS and Android apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It’s based on Cordova and AngularJS.

This course is for existing web developers, your level of HTML, CSS and JS doesn’t matter but you must have some since we won’t be covering those topics on this course.

You DO NOT need to know AngularJS.

We will cover the essential AngularJS topics needed to build Ionic applications in the AngularJS Review section (If you already know AngularJS feel free to skip it)

Through a series of 7 real-world examples you will learn the skills needed to build fully functional, cross platform iOS and Android mobile applications in Ionic.

The course will cover:

  • Implement both Tabbed and Side Menu navigation.

  • Interact with the phones Camera, GPS & play sounds.

  • Embed Google Maps with markers, popup info windows.

  • Login with Facebook and add real-time chat functionality with Firebase.

  • Implement list controls, with re-order, delete, pull to refresh and infinite scroll functionality.

With the rapid expansion of Javascript into nearly every area of application development. Web Developers are now the most versatile developers in the market, enjoying long-term job stability, growth, and diversity of work.

Thanks to Ionic, you now can design, build, and deploy robust mobile apps faster than you could with native technologies, all while incurring little to no app performance penalties and sticking to the web technologies you already love working with, namely css, html and javascript.

Imagine if you were the CTO of a small tech company, who would you rather hire?

A versatile web/mobile superstack developer

  • In the morning they can fix a bug with the front end of the website.

  • In the afternoon they get their hands dirty adding a new feature to the node server side application.

  • And then in the evening they work on the companies new mobile application which is launching on iOS and Android in 2 weeks time.


A unicorn native app developer, who can only work on iOS or Android.

Do I even need to say it?

With Ionic the dream of using web technology to build mobile apps is finally here. It isn’t a second-class option, it’s the future of mobile app development.



Özgün Zor

Ionic 1

It is really wonderful course that even if get into deeper and deeper Asim's examples and explanitions will be more clear instead of getting more complex. I really liked this course and recommend everyone.


Joey Waddell

Ionic 1

Very straight forward. Doesn't leave you guessing which steps to take when creating an application.


Scott Jordan

Ionic 1

Excellent course. Very in-depth while also being accessible. Instructor was clear and knowledgeable. Presentation was smooth and professional. Good audio/video quality.


Cristian-Adrian Frasineanu

Ionic 1

Simple, concise, above average hands-on experience. Asim is a very talented teacher and it's visible how much work has put in his lectures. He goes right up to the point where you can grasp Ionic and don't get confused with too much information. The course outline is very clear, I could see where I start learning and seeing Ionic in action, and where AngularJS is reviewed is explained beforehand, not a mix between them. Really eager to get more progress with this!


Introduction Introduction What are Hybrid mobile applications Why Ionic How to get the best out of this course Ionic Playground Getting help? Setup Installing dependencies Setup IOS Development Environment Setup for Android Development on Mac Setup for Android Development on Windows Ionic Overview Creating projects using the Ionic CLI Running Ionic in the Browser How to get completed code for each sample project iOS: Creating developer certificates and setting up XCode Running Ionic on the iOS Emulator & Device Debug your iOS apps with the Safari Developer Tools Setting up the genymotion Android emulator Running Ionic on Android devices Debug your android apps with Chrome AngularJS Review Data Binding Modules & Controllers Debugging Angular Applications Scope inheritance and the dot notation Watches ng-click & ng-submit ng-class ng-style ng-show, ng-hide, ng-if ng-repeat & filters Dependency Injection & Services The $http service and promises with the $q service Digest, Apply & handling callbacks from outside Angular The 8 Ball App Introduction Setup Building the application Adding animation effects Previewing your application on the IonicView App The Soundboard App Introduction Setup Styling ionic apps using the default colors Building our ionic list based application Using the cordova media plugin Ionic list re-order and delete components The CaffeineHit List App Corrections Introduction Setup Breaking out our app into multiple javascript files Understanding the starter project code Implementing the YelpService Implementing pull to refresh with the ion-refresher component Implementing infinite scroll with the ion-infinite-scroll component Implementing swipe reveal buttons with the ion-option-button component Using the cordova geolocation plugin to get the users lat and lon Using the navigator plugin to show directions on the apple or google maps app The CaffeineHit Map App Corrections Introduction Setup Understanding the starter project code Using SASS to theme your Ionic application Implementing maps and map markers Implementing maps and map markers The TED RSS App Corrections Introduction Setup Understanding the starter project code Introduction to uiRouter and implementing the apps routes Show a loading spinner with the ionicLoading component Navigating between routes in Ionic and the back button. Implementing the detail page and $stateParams Changing the title in the header bar Using the InAppBrowser plugin to open up links in the default browser app Using the SocialSharing plugin to share links to social networks The Mealtracker App Introduction Setup Understanding the starter project code Forms and form validation in Ionic Setting up Parse Implementing authentication via Parse Understanding and implementing the tabbed navigation component in Ionic Interacting with the ion-header bar by using the ion-nav-buttons directive Using the Camera plugin to take a photo Creating objects in the Parse database Querying objects from the Parse database Implementing the settings tab The TVChat App Introduction Setup Setup Firebase and Facebook accounts Facebook App Setup Instructions Understanding the Firebase data browser Authenticating a user with both Facebook and Firebase Implementing the side menu component Implementing real-time chat with Firebase Advanced Ionic Concepts View caching in ionic Releasing Your Application iOS: Creating developer certificates and setting up XCode Preparing your config.xml for release Generating icons and splash screen images Generating screenshots for use in the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store Creating a release version of your Android application Releasing your Android application to the Google Play Store Releasing your iOS application to the Apple App Strore