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AngularJS was built to make you a better, more productive and happier developer. It’s the framework enabling a new era in rich client side web experiences. It’s the future.

This is a hands-on course taught by an experienced AngularJS developer who’s built dozens of angular apps for a variety of clients including Google.

Every lecture in this course ties into real world benefits or applications, after only the first chapter you’ll have the knowledge to add WOW angular features to your current project.

Through a series of real-world examples you will learn the skills needed to build fully functional single page applications in AngularJS.

We’ll iterate a contacts application from start to finish.


You’ll learn how to perform http requests with the basic http service as well as the more advanced ngResource module.


You’ll lean how to perform client and server side filtering & ordering.


You’ll learn how to create single page applications using the uiRouter module.


As well as creating directives and much much more…​

Learn battle proven techniques to solve common problems every web developer faces on a daily basis, such as:-

  • Performing form validation with zero lines of code.

  • Showing a beautiful datepicker control.

  • Creating and interacting with bootstrap modals.

  • When it comes to Single Page Applications we teach the far more popular and powerful uiRouter module instead of the basic core angular routing module.

  • Tools, tips and tricks to debugging your angular applications.

This course is taught hands-on, you learn by doing. Follow along as we go through two example applications the first a simple lowly form which we give super powers the second a complex single page contacts application where you will learn:-

  • How to build easily re-usable bits of html & javascript using custom directives.

  • How to interact with a REST API using ngResource in 5 lines of code.

  • Implementing infinite scroll, user feedback with spinners and toast messages.

  • As well as much much more….

You’ll learn how to implement functionality that’s expected in todays applications in a fraction of the time compared to other frameworks.



Dax Richardson

Angular 1

Excellent instruction on the basics of getting into using Angular. The concepts taught are fantastic building blocks for piecing together your own complex Angular apps, and I would highly recommend this course for anyone trying to demystify this seemingly daunting framework. A solid foundation in Javascript is a MUST for understanding a large portion of the course, but for those seeking insight into adding Angular on top of your current repertoire, this is one course you should really consider.


Milagros Rivera

Angular 1

Loving this course so far and looking forward to what the rest is going to bring. The anxiety is killing me let's move on. This is the beginning of my Angular experience. I feel ready to start my future Thanks a million to Prof Asim Hussain.


Zrelli Majdi

Angular 1

This course helped me to understand how to start using Angular. I followed many great tutorials before, but following this course I gained a solid understanding on the structure of an Angular Application. It is not so hard finally! Thank you Asim.


Jacopo Penazzi

Angular 1

Before attending this course i read quite a lot material and books about Angular JS, but i decided i also needed to be introduced to Angular's concepts and best practices by someone who has a solid rock and proved experience about it. Thus, even if initially some concepts and topics were just a mere repetiton of what i already known, course developed exactly as i expected, covering all major topics and letting me to understand some passages and mechanisms that i didn't get during my "solo" studing.


How to submit and validate a form in AngularJS Course Overview Sample Code Data Binding Controllers & Modules Submitting a form using $http Form validation using HTML5 Form validation using core AngularJS Form validation using Angular Auto Validate User feedback with Ladda buttons Creating a list application with searching andsorting Sample Code Looping in AngularJS Handling clicks Showing details when clicking on a row How to implement client side searching How to implement client side ordering User feedback Debugging tools tips and tricks How to debug your AngularJS applications Deep dive into scope Sample Code Understanding Scope: Child Scope Understanding Scope: Root Scope Understanding Scope: The Dot Notation Communicating between controllers using services Sample Code Breaking out the list application into two controllers Sharing data between controllers using rootScope Sharing data between controllers using Services Creating our first service Consuming our service in our controllers Connect our application to a REST API using ngResource Sample Code What are resources? CodeCraft Token Configuring AngularJS resources Creating our first resource Setting up ngInfinateScroll Implementing pagination Removing client side searching & sorting Watch scope variables for changes Server side sorting & ordering Adding a loading spinner Showing a warning when no results are returned Convert the detail panel to a form Update a contact using our resource Delete a contact using our resource Create a bootstrap modal using angularStrap Reusing snippets of HTML with ng-include Creating a contact using our resource Promises in AngularJS with the $q service Display images with ng-src Adding a datepicker using angularStrap Adding toaster messages with angularjs Toaster Adding font awesome Adding a material design bootstrap theme Create template functions with Filters Sample Code Creating custom filters Convert the application into an SPA using uiRouter Sample Code What is a Single Page Application? Setup and install uiRouter Deciding on our URL routes Creating our List route ui-view Defining a controller for a route Creating our Edit route Exposing the routes parameters in the controller Prefer ui-sref over ng-href Implementing the Edit route Redirecting to another url using $state.go Controllers vs Services Implementing the Create route Highlighting menu items using ui-sref-active Multiple named views using uiRouter Creating reusable components with Directives Sample Code Introduction to Directives Creating a directive for our spinner Restrict and the 3 ways to define directives Everything is just a directive Understanding Transclude Isolate Scope Understanding Isolate Scope = A way to think about directives Understanding Isolate Scope @ Creating a business card directive Understanding Isolate Scope & Defining a controller for our directive Advanced Topics Structuring AngularJS Projects