I speak regularly around the world, covering AI, JavaScript, Angular and Web Development. If you are interested in me speaking at your event contact me via twitter @jawache or email me at [email protected]


How to AI in JS?

| AngularConnect 2018 | November 2018 | London, UK

There are many exciting things happening with AI, from which, until recently, JavaScript developers were largely shut out. But things are changing, if you can do `npm install @tensorflow/tfjs` or make an API call, you can now do AI.

How to scale an SPA?

| AmsterdamJS 2018 | June 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Learn to take advantage of optimisations that give you epic scalability, with super low latencies at a fraction of the cost. We'll demonstrate why serverless is the perfect companion to SPAs and how to architect the REST of your application using serverless solutions like FaaS.

How to hack an Angular app?

| ngConf 2018 | April 2018 | Salt Lake City, USA

Thought hacking was hard? It’s not, it’s easy and I’m going to show you how! We’ll investigate a series of hacking stories and break them down step-by-step to see exactly how they did it. By the end you’ll walk away a little bit more scared and a lot more prepared with some great practices you can apply immediately to your own applications.

Bot Of The United States

| CodeEurope 2017 | November 2017 | Warsaw, Poland

Trumps tweets move markets. So what if you could create a bot that made stock trades based on those tweets? The Planet Money podcast did that in 2017 and you can find that bot on twitter as @botus. In this talk I'll show you how to create your very own BOTUS using Node, some easily available AI APIs, Reactive Programming using RxJS and Serverless.

From Donkey to Unicorn, A new approach to AngularJS migration.

| AngularConnect 2017 | November 2017 | London, UK

If you have already tried migrating your existing AngularJS application and hit a brick wall then this talk is for you. In this talk, I'll present a new migration approach. One that works for even the most complex and challenging legacy AngularJS applications.

The AngularJS Migration F.A.Q.

| AngularUP 2017 | June 2017 | Tel Aviv, Israel

If you have ever started blankly at your old AngularJS controller code, with it's precariously balanced set of $scope.$watches, copious use of third party modules and wondered how the hell to migrate that into your new shiny new Angular app, then this is the talk for you.

When you can't use the word “BIG BANG”

| ngConf 2017 | April 2017 | Salt Lake City, USA

Most content online talks about how to migrate from 1 to 2 in a "big bang" approach. When your product processes millions every day, using the word "big bang" doesn't engender a lot of support from senior managers or stakeholders. In this talk I'll go through a real Angular 1 application and upgrade it "iteratively" to Angular 2.

ngRx the last piece in the Angular architecture puzzle

| NG-NL | Feb 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

You read about this thing called RxJS, you even forked a plunker and tried an example. It seems clever but how in the hell do you actually use this thing to write a full Angular application? You keep up on hearing about this cool thing called Flux, or is it?