AngularJS Migration

Learn how to migrate a legacy AngularJS (1.x) application to a more current version of Angular (2+).

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In this practical migration course, we will cover topics such as:

  • How to migrate an AngularJS codebase using the official ngUpgrade module.

  • How to use modern tooling such as TypeScript & WebPack in your AngularJS app.

  • How to migrate routing, specifically we cover migrating from uiRouter in AngularJS to the built-in Angular router.

But also we are going to cover some practical, real-life topics as well such as:

  • How to also migrate all those 3rd party modules you’re using in your AngularJS app.

  • We have a section where we troubleshoot common issues, which I’ve gathered from working with clients on actual migration projects and answering questions for students.

  • If all else fails, if the ngUpgrade approach doesn’t work for you, then I’m also going to teach an alternative catch-all migration approach I developed and later presented at the Angular Connect conference in London called iFrame Migration.

Course Components

  • Every migration is unique, so to keep you grounded I first teach a mental model, a way to think about migration.

  • I then teach my 10 step plan for migration, this is a plan I developed and used successfully with some clients.

  • We then go through a real case-study and using the 10 step plan we migrate an application from AngularJS to Angular.

  • All the code for the case study is available online via GitHub with a separate branch for each step. I recommend you code along with me all the way through; however If you get stuck, you can compare your code to the code on GitHub for that step to make sure you got everything right.

  • In the end, I cover some bonus material including a section on troubleshooting and a section on my alternative iframe migration strategy.