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The Plan

In this lecture we will briefly go over our 10 step plan on how to migrate an AngularJS application to Angular. In later lectures we wil go into each step in much more detail.

1. Single Responsibility

Follow single responsibility by making sure each file always contains only a single entity.

2. TypeScript & Webpack

Add TypeScript & Webpack. Seriously, do it. This will make your life a lot easier as we make our way through the migration process.

3. AngularJS 1.5

Migrate to at least AngularJS 1.5 to make use of components when converting your application to Angular.

4. Component’ify

Breakdown your AngularJS code into components.

5. Modernize

Modernize your AngularJS application with modern Javascript and TypeScript techniques.

6. Dual Boot

Dual boot your application with both AngularJS and Angular at the same time.

7. Services → Angular

Convert all AngularJS services to Angular services.

8. Components → Angular

Convert all AngularJS components to Angular components.

9. Routing → Angular

Take all Routing and convert it into Angular in one go.

10. Remove AngularJS

Finally, lets clear out the mess to see our migrated application in all its glory!

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