My name is Asim and I’m the guy behind codecraft.tv

I have over 15 years experience building applications for organisations such as the European Space Agency and Google.

Wrote my first program in 1988, my first website in 1996, earned a 1st Class Degree in Computer Science in 2000 and now 16 years later I specialise in teaching and consulting with clients on JavaScript and Angular development.

What do I believe?

  • I believe as a developer your job is to make the lives of other people more productive, that’s what computing is all about.

  • As developers we have a responsibility to maximise our output for our companies or clients.

  • The best developers are those that can most efficiently convert resource (time, money, cpu cycles) into correct, and useful functionality.

What are my values?


  • I’m 100% focused on practical development skills.

  • I’m driven to be the most productive developer I can possibly be. I don’t get caught up in philosophical debates.


  • The world should be fair.

  • Everyone should have the same chance to learn regardless of their background, country of orign or financial backing.


  • I’m a very busy guy, I don’t have a lot of spare time so I hate wasting it.

  • I value my time and I value yours.

  • Training should direct, get to the point quickly with no waffle.

If those are your values as well them you will love my courses.