I regularly host workshops around my conference talks & online. If you are interested in me hosting a workshop at your conference or your firm please contact me via twitter @jawache or email me at [email protected]

Upcoming Workshops

Asynchronous Javascript (1 Day)

15th November 2017 | Online

When should you use callbacks, promises, generators or async/await? Can you confidently read code using any of those patterns? How do you even write unit-tests for code that uses these patterns? Using practical examples this course teaches all the common async patterns, as well as how to test them.

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AngularJS Migration (1 Day)

13th December 2017 | Online

If you have ever started blankly at your old AngularJS controller, with it's precariously balanced set of $scope.$watches, copious use of third party modules and wondered how the hell to re-implement that in your new Angular app, then this workshop is for you.

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