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This is a quick introduction into the concept of Reactive Programming in Angular with RxJS.

The subject of Reactive Programming is large enough to warrant its own course and indeed there are a number of books and courses which deal with nothing other than reactive programming with RxJS.

So the goal of this section isn’t to give you a complete understanding, the goal is to demystify the concepts so you understand what it is and where you can learn more.

Angular uses RxJS for some parts of its internal functioning. If you want you can also choose to use RxJS but you don’t need to at all.


You do not need to know Reactive Programming or RxJS in order to build even the most complex applications with Angular. It can however make some types of applications easier to architect.

At the end of this section you will:

  • Understand the terms Stream & Reactive Programming.

  • Know what Observables are and how they are related to RxJS.

  • Know how to write reactive code using pure RxJS.

  • Know what operators are, where to read up on the breadth of available operators and how to understand them by using marble diagrams.

  • Know the places you can use reactive programming in Angular and code up a simple form using RxJS.

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