Wrapping Up

In this section on testing in Angular we covered the basics of unit testing with Jasmine and Karma as well as testing by using the Angular Test Bed.

We initially covered the basics of how to test classes with just Jasmine and in itself that gives us the ability to test 50% of our code.

But to go deeper we need to be able to test behaviours that require the Angular framework and that is where the Angular Test Bed comes in.

It lets us test behaviours that require a component interacting with it’s view and gives us fine grained control on change detection and asynchronous processing.

We covered specific recipes for testing:

  • Using Mocks and Spys.

  • Asynchronous code.

  • Dependency injection.

  • Components.

  • Directives.

  • Model Driven Forms

  • Http and Jsonp.

  • Routing.

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