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Step 5 - Pagination


Watch the start of the video above for instructions on what to build for this step.

If you are happy with the state of your code so far, if it matches for the most part the code in the step-4 branch then just continue with your own code.

If you are not totally happy with the state of your code and want to start with the official starting point then the starting code for this step is in the step-4 branch.


git checkout step-4 -f (1)
1 The -f flag deletes all of your local code and replaces it with the code from that branch.

You can run the application by typing

ng serve

You can run the tests for the application by typing

ng test

Attempt to follow the instructions yourself.

If you are stuck and want some hints then continue watching the video above.

When you are done, you can watch the video to completion and compare what you did to how I coded up the same solution.

Then just move to the next step.

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